Another challenge conquered!

12 April, 2022

Maybe you’ve already seen or heard it, but lately VCST has been motivating employees to stay fit and keep moving. In order to make exercise fun, we often organize challenges. The reward? For every succeeded challenge, a nice amount of money is donated to a local charity. A good reason to put in some extra effort, no? Recently, the third challenge came to an end and we’re happy to announce that the set goals were met once again!

The challenge


This challenge was different then previous ones. Instead of setting a fixed sport, teams could choose between walking, running, cycling, swimming, rowing, skiing and work-outs to achieve their goal.


The challenge lasted three weeks, with three different goals set each week:


Goal week 1: 1800 minutes of activity per team
Goal week 2: 2500 minutes of activity per team
Goal week 3: 3300 minutes of activity per team.


The reward


Like the challenge, the awards were flexible as well this time. The team that got the most minutes of activity in week one got to donate 500 EUR to a charity by choice. In week two, the amount was raised to 750 EUR and in week three the amount was 1.250 EUR.


Furthermore, the team that collectively got the most minutes at the end of the challenge got a budget of 200 EUR to organize a fun activity to celebrate.



The winners


We’re very proud of all of the teams for participating and dedicating themselves to keep moving! Of course, there can only be a few winning teams, which were the following:


Winning team week 1: Team Liga MS
Winning team week 2: Team Domo
Winning team week 3: Team Liga MS


Winning team Challenge 3: Team Liga MS


During this challenge, it became very clear how much team spirit and collegiality these challenges generate. When Team Liga MS was announced as the winner of week one, they donated the money to team ‘Huis in de Stad’. This team did their very best to achieve the number one place and missed it by a beat.


All of the participants did a fantastic job and we can’t wait to see how much dedication they will show in the next challenge!