VCST as your customer

As a worldwide leader in the production of gears, gearboxes and transmissions, VCST is always looking for partners that can support our leading technological role. Our goal is to establish long-term relationships with global suppliers who are also strong in delivering material of the perfect quality that supports our reliable position towards our customers.

What is VCST looking for?

We buy steel parts in various configurations and steel-grades. To support our processes we buy all kinds of auxiliary parts, services and equipment.

Production materials

To create the products we sell to our customers we purchase a range commodities, including materials used on the production-line, and outsource various operations to create the final saleable component.

The materials we buy come in different forms:

  • aluminium extruded bars
  • aluminium castings
  • steel parts in forged and turned condition
  • steel bar material
  • components for smart assemblies (hubs, bearings, housings)


Industrial consumables

In order to manufacture high-tech components, we are also looking for partners that can supply:

  • drills, inserts, grinding stones and other quality tools
  • cutting, grinding and heat treatment oils
  • chemicals
  • spare parts such as machining spare parts, fixture spare parts and clamping tools
  • packaging such as wooden boxes, plastic trays and metal baskets etc.
  • services such as transport, warehousing, tool regrinding and coating cutting tools etc.



To organize or support our production operations, directly or indirectly, we require the following manufacturing tools and machines:

  • Machines for soft operations (turning, drilling, broaching and hobbing etc.).
  • Machines for hard operations (hard turning, grinding and honing etc.).
  • Various heat and surface treatment equipment.
  • Assembly equipment.
  • Inspection equipment (3D Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), Gear Involute measuring machine, Form and Contour measurement, and Optical scanning etc.).



We rely on solid external partners for services to directly or indirectly support the production in our plants

  • Cleaning
  • Maintenance
  • IT support


VCST has an excellent record in reliable partnerships with our customers, and we expect the same of our suppliers.

It is therefore mandatory that all suppliers meet:


  • customer requirements
  • legal requirements
  • environmental requirements
  • technical requirements
  • standardization requirements
  • supplier code of conduct

Please download our requirements specs for more information.