Our products are at the heart of your solution. So you wouldn’t want to take risk compromising your product with a lesser quality or less optimized component.
VCST is very aware of this responsibility and puts product reliability first. There are several reasons why our products are the most reliable.


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As part of the BMT Group, VCST keeps expanding its global manufacturing base. We are present in 4 continents and serve your local needs with global knowledge and security. Still family-owned, we create a friendly environment to work in so our employees work for the group as if it was their own family. We maintain short decision structures and create local service centers to be close to our customers. The financial stability of our group gives our customers the assurance that we are with them for the long run and will not vanish if any issues occur. Trust is at the heart of what we do.



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As a value-driven innovator for our customers, we drive not only product innovation but also service innovations. Our many engineers have created patented solutions for NVH-reduction and are always working on new solutions to reduce time to market and to further improve our solutions. The job is never done. We invest heavily in research and development and cooperate with universities and research centers to devise innovative ideas that serve our customers. We invest heavily in creating an environment in which we encourage and reward innovative ideas for improvements large and small alike. We test the safety of our gears according to DIN 3960 or ISO 1328 standards. Our standards and procedures are world-class. We lead, work and win together. We want our customers to win with us.




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As VCST is part of a large group with vast experience in different market areas (Aerospace, Automotive, Industry & rail), we are constantly learning and adapting our best practices. Our coworkers are flexible and can change positions within the group to suit them best. We are 100% vertically integrated and all critical processes are done in-house. So our customers can rely on us being on time and on quality to meet all their demands.




High-end customers

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We have a long history and are known for our quality in the market. That is why we are often the sole supplier to our customers. We have built long-term relationships with our high-end, most demanding customers, some going back over 50 years. Maintaining these long lasting relationships demands a value-driven, trustworthy partnership you can count on both now and in the future.




High-end customers

Top quality products

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Top quality products comes from top quality operations. Everything we do, everything we work with and everyone we partner with, is tested, challenged, validated and has proven top-performance results over many years. Our quality management procedures are top notch and we constantly try to outperform ourselves. That is why we work with people with a passion to exceed.