VCST gets fit for Bednet!

8 March, 2022

VCST has been motivating employees to keep moving with Energy Lab’s ‘KeepMoving’ program for a while now. The purpose? Keeping the team fit and motivated!


To give our employees that little extra nudge, VCST sets goals for our team to achieve. When the goal is met, VCST hands out a donation to a non-profit organization that could really use some support. The first challenge was achieved recently and our team got to hand over a cheque of 2.500 euros to ‘Awel’.

One goal achieved, another set

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Now, we are proud to say that another challenge has been met! For this challenge, our employees were divided in teams of six. The goal was to walk one million steps with your team in a time span of three weeks.

Four teams completed the challenge, with our Global Sourcing team being the first to complete the challenge. The other teams to succeed were “IT BE team”, “GTSC team” and “HR incredible team”. Congratulations!

This challenge not only kept the VCST employees excited about walking a considerable amount of steps each day, but it also means that VCST once again got to hand over a cheque.





This time, the cheque goes out to ‘Bednet’. Bednet is an organization that is dedicated in helping sick children continue their education from home, with the atmosphere of the classroom. Due to their sickness, they not only miss the educational aspect, but also their friends. Bednet created a small portable robot which can be placed on the seat of the child. The child can steer the camera on the robot from home, so they can look around in the class as they would be present.


VCST chose ‘Awel’ and ‘Bednet’ for their hard work and dedication towards young people. As every step counts for the wellbeing of our team, every euro counts for Awel and Bednet.