Engine components

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With 50 years of experience in the design, optimization, validation and high-tech production of engine-gearcomponents for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and heavy duty trucks and busses, VCST produces both engine timing gears and balance system gears, for which we do both process and product optimization. We can also provide assembly services.
We are your one-stop solution for all your engine-gear components.
We have also developed, patented and mass produced specific engine component solutions to eliminate rattle and whine noises.

Two examples are:

Both are able to reduce rattle noise easily and cost-effectively.

Transmission parts

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Our gears and shafts are at the core of many transmissions. We cover AT, CVT and DCT layouts for ICE and hybrid vehicles, as well as the latest gearbox designs for BEV. The product range covers planetary – sun and ring gears, pump gears, etc… but also geared shafts like drive shafts, input and output shafts, sun shafts and various other components. VCST is positioned to produce transmission gears and shafts for passenger cars as well as light commercial vehicles and heavy-duty truck applications.



Transmission parts

Brake components

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Sophisticated valve bodies for ABS, ESP and other more complex applications are also part of our product range. Manufacturing processes are based upon high-volume CNC machining and automated handling to achieve the highest quality and cleanliness for reasons of safety.
Our aluminium components are at the heart of the safety related electronic brake and stability systems, providing safety and comfort in every vehicle.




Heat treatment

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We have installed a wide range of furnaces and auxiliary treatment machinery in our manufacturing facilities. The furnaces can be used for case hardening, gas nitriding, full automatic press hardening and induction hardening. Auxiliary treatments can consist of shot blasting or fully automatic straightening with crack detection of shafts. We also provide metallurgical lab work with hardness testers, microscopes and part cleanliness equipment. Our heat treatment facilities can also carry out heat treatment for external parties.

Discover more about our heat treatment solutions on our STC website.



Heat treatment