VCST Sint-Truiden achieved the Highest possible Q1 result!

2 March, 2022

For over 8 years, VCST has had a terrific relationship with Ford. At VCST, we hold our client relationships in high regard and strive to meet the high quality requirements our customers request. Therefore, we are ever so proud when we get to achieve recognition from our customers for our delivered services. Especially the prestigious Q1 number of Ford.


What does the Q1 score represent?


The Q1 score is Ford’s indication of their performance Metrics Summary (SIM) expressed in a score where 100 is the maximum.
It is with great pride that we’re able to say that we did not only get the minimum required score, which is 80 out of 100, but we exceeded that with flying colors! For the manufactured Idlers for the Ford Panther, VCST Sint-Truiden achieved no less then 100 out of 100 points! It’s the first time a VCST plant achieved this, which is cause for major celebration and a big thank you for all the hard work of our team.



Thank you team!



How did we get there?


Getting an A+ is great, but the road to accomplish this result was not built in a day. To understand how we came to provide these kind of results, you must look at the things we tweaked, eliminated and started up.


The first thing to look into when trying to provide the best service possible, is client input. Customer complaints have led us to change more than one thing in recent years, resulting in no customer complaints at all since March 2019. Thanks to the adjustments we have done, VCST no longer needs to rely on third party quality controls anymore.


By listening, adjusting and looking for new ways to collaborate with Ford to make the assembly process more efficient, we look forward to continue our , we look forward to continuing our partnership with Ford and improve our services even further in the future.

About our idler gears



Idler gears are placed between a driving and a driven gear to transfer motion without change of direction or gear ratio. What makes our patented gears so special, is the little pen that aligns the main gear with the bias gear. If the main gear and bias gear are not aligned, then the product can’t be mounted. After installation, the pen of our idler gear is pulled out, which causes the spring to place itself against the counterpart.