VCST collects 2.500 euros for ‘Awel’

25 November, 2021

At VCST, we like to keep our employees healthy and motivated. Something that is challenging in times of Covid-19. One initiative to achieve that goal is our partnership with Energy Lab. With their program ‘KeepMoving’, VCST challenges employees to get their sport on and keep moving. Healthy body, healthy mind!


No challenge too great


A partnership with Energy Lab is a first step, but how do we get our employees to actually keep moving? With team effort, of course! By setting collective goals as a team, sporty activities aren’t only healthy, but also fun. With that in mind, VCST’s first challenge was set: collecting 10.000 kilometers.


Not a small task! That is why we added an extra incentive to the challenge. If the goal were to be achieved, VCST would donate 2.500 euros to youth organization ‘Awel’. With the efforts of our team, the goal of 10.000 kilometers was largely exceeded! By walking, cycling, running, … 67 participants eventually collected a whopping 15.486 kilometers. Goal achieved!




Awel is dedicated to helping children and young people who want to anonymously ask a question, share a story or have a problem they can’t deal with. With the help of volunteers, Awel wants to provide a shoulder to lean on.


Thanks to the small and big sporty efforts of VCST employees, we can give Awel a financial and moral boost. This Covid-19 period has proven to be mentally challenging for children and young people. That’s why we are ever so happy to hand them this cheque.




Time for celebration


At the end of October, an Awel representative visited our plant in Sint-Truiden to receive the cheque of 2.500 euros. Some of the participants also attended the handover. With true team spirit in mind, they were of course dressed in our T-shirts with our ‘Energy on’ logo in reference to the KeepMoving initiative.


Off to the next challenge!