VCST Changzhou wins CIP Best Plant award!

6 May, 2022

To stimulate the Continual Improvement Processes in VCST’s plants and to reward good initiatives, good practices and good results, we organize the CIP Best Plant awards. For the third edition of the award, we handed out the CIP Best Plant award for 2021 to VCST Changzhou.


What is considered?


First, we look how advanced the plant is with the deployment of Six Sigma and Lean Methodology. The aim is to give every engineer the opportunity to be trained in Green Belt Six Sigma and Lean during their career at VCST. In 2021 they had their fifth wave of Green Belt training. This means that 1 out of 2 engineers in Changzhou had a Six Sigma training. Only the VCST plant in México has a better record with 70%, but VCST Changzhou is catching up.


Also Lean is deployed into the organization, not only in the operational departments but in all departments! 1 out of 4 white collars already had a training of Lean or Lean in offices.


Another pillar of Continual Improvement is employee ideas. Anyone in the organization can submit an idea. In 2021 in Changzhou 120 ideas were submitted and almost 3 out of 4 employees presented an idea! This is a new record in the Automotive division!


The submitted ideas in Changzhou resulted in finishing 16 key projects with an annual saving of 209.000 Euros. Fantastic!This is also a new record for VCST Changzhou. If you weigh the savings against the added value, you get 2.86%, which is a very high number. Congratulations team!



Achieving this great result was only possible through the efforts of all VCST Changzhou employees. We are looking forward to the celebration and can’t wait to see what 2022 will bring us.