VCST builds the factory of the future

3 February, 2021

These days, digitisation and automation in the automotive sector are moving at a very rapid pace. As a key supplier to many of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers, we realise this like no other. To keep up with the pace, we have decided to build a brand new future-proof factory in our hometown of Sint-Truiden.


Prepared for the future


As a leading gear manufacturer and supplier, it’s vitally important to keep looking ahead. That’s why we are optimistic that this new factory will help us to perfectly support the automotive sector, which is going through some major changes. Also, building a state-of-the-art factory that lives up to the most modern of standards and demands is very important in our contribution to sustainable entrepreneurship. A third important advantage of this new factory is that we will keep on providing employment in the area of Sint-Truiden.


For the latter especially, the local authorities are very enthusiastic. Indeed, the city of Sint-Truiden has helped us to make the move to a new factory possible as VCST is one of the major employers in the Sint-Truiden area, present for almost 50 years. On top of that, the city council was also impressed by our commitment as well as our courage to make this transformational decision in times of a global crisis.

Remaining at the top of our field requires adaptation. Sometimes minor tweaks suffice, but every once in a while, a big leap is needed, such as now. We feel that the development of an all-new cutting-edge factory will allow us to keep delivering top-quality products. Onwards and upwards!