Another award for VCST Alba

12 January, 2021

Just like any company, we’re always very happy to receive awards. After all, they are a fine confirmation of the quality that we deliver on a daily basis. However, winning consecutive awards shows that we are capable of maintaining and raising standards so that we remain among the foremost gear manufacturers in the world. Recently, our colleagues of VCST Alba in Romania were awarded the Alba Best of Business Award for the 7th consecutive time.


We tick all the boxes


Since 2014, VCST Alba has been the recipient of the Alba Best of Business award in the automotive industry. The award, handed out each year by the President of the Alba County Council, is based on four criteria. Naturally, taking into account the current global situation, the celebration took place with respect for the local health measures.


The first criterion by which candidates for the award are judged are significant foreign capital investments, which VCST Alba have undertaken regularly throughout the years. The next criterion is the number of new working places created. For this, we rely on our great effort with regards to employer branding. Indeed, many leading German car manufacturers have production facilities in the county of Alba. Therefore, it is important to make a difference as an employer.


That’s also where the third criterion comes in: employee wellbeing. As a very visible employer in the Alba county, we are known as one of the best employers. Indeed, the compensation and benefits package we offer are always highly appreciated. Furthermore, we also ensure safe and secure working conditions to guarantee that we deliver top-quality products in the best and safest surroundings possible.


The fourth and final criterion is being an important exporter bringing foreign capital into the county. For fulfilling that criterion, we thank the overarching structure of our group. In fact, the BMT group consistently invests in its production facilities. Naturally, VCST Alba is also a beneficiary of those investments as we have attracted foreign capital to region in that way.

A heartfelt thank you


Receiving consecutive recognitions really shows the appreciation of the economic community for the efforts we undertake towards our employees, investments and technical leadership. Also, we wish to thank all of our employees at VCST Alba for their continuous efforts!