Meet our e-drives

1 December, 2020

A good look at the ways of working of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers shows us that electrification is finding ever more traction. First, hybrids came to the front, but fully electric powertrains are growing ever more popular. At BMT Drive Solutions, we are fully ready to assist the automotive industry even further with a smart and complete portfolio of e-drive concepts for all possible vehicle categories, commercialised under the brand name of VCST Industrial Products.


Changed priorities


It was written in the stars that full electric propulsion would be the way to go in the future. After all, more and more cities worldwide are introducing zones in which most internal combustion engine cars are not allowed. Added to that is the global urge to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. The way forward, then, is fully electric powertrains for all means of transport, from family cars to heavy-duty trucks.


Naturally, as with any developing technology, there are limitations. EV’s usually have a fairly limited range and take relatively long to recharge. However, those are relatively simple to overcome as it is only a matter of time before a higher efficiency is achieved. Furthermore, the great steps forward that have already been taken in this domain in the last 2 or 3 years bode very well for the future. Additionally, travel restrictions due to the current global situation mean that the constraints of EV’s are more easily accepted.



We offer a full range


At BMT Drive Solutions, we are very excited about this switch to full electrification. What’s more, relying on our 40-year experience in gear sets development, we are ready to offer automotive manufacturers a smart portfolio of e-drives for all kinds of vehicles (from 2,000 to 12,000 Nm Output Wheel torque). These concepts are either single or multi-speed, based on the same concept of an electric dog clutch to disconnect the gears when necessary. Those multi-speed concepts are very convenient for when both maximum torque and maximum speed are required. We develop the concepts to fit to customer e-machines specs, or off-the-shelf e-machines that could be either radial or axial flux e-machines.


2 planetary eDrive concepts


Our portfolio includes 2 planetary gear sets. Both of them can be coupled to a single e-machine and can be designed for output torque from 2000 to 4000 Nm.


The first is the Pickax, a 1-speed-AMT planetary with disconnection clutch with a maximum torque output of 4000 Nm. This concept is designed to fit secondary e-axles of dual-axle passenger cars and can be disconnected when the full performances are not required.


Next up is the Climax, our 2-speed-AMT planetary also with a maximum torque output of 4000 Nm. Contrary to the previous concept, this one can be fitted to primary e-axles with little free space to install the system.

The Pickax: 1-speed planetary with disconnection clutch

The Climax: a 2-speed-AMT planetary

3 non-planetary eDrive concepts


Aside from the 2 planetary systems, we also offer 3 non-planetary concept systems. The first one is the Impulse, a 2-speed-AMT offset with layshaft. This concept can be fitted both single as well as dual e-machine configurations and can deliver from 3000 to 9000 Nm at the wheels. Ideally, it can be installed either in light and medium commercial vehicles and busses up to 12 tons or in sport and hyper cars that have to reach extreme top speeds.

Our second non-planetary system is the Vertex, a 2-speed-AMT coaxial with layshaft. This system is basically a co-axial version of the above-mentioned offset system. It is ideal for single e-machines with little free space to install the system.

The Impulse: a 2-speed-AMT offset with layshaft

The Vertex: a 2-speed-AMT coaxial with layshaft


Finally, we also offer the Pinnacle, a 4-speed-AMT coaxial with layshaft. Aside from regular passenger cars and sports cars, semi-trucks (20 to 40 tons) will also be electrified in the future. For those vehicles we have developed this 4-speed -AMT concept to deliver from 6000 or 12 000 Nm at the differential in dual or single e-machine configuration respectively. The maximum torque output at the wheels is 36 000 Nm. Furthermore, additional wheel hub ratio will allow these trucks to reach the desired performance levels when climbing a slope with a 20% gradient.

In addition to these five e-drive concepts, we are currently developing a 1-speed-AMT layshaft coaxial with disconnection clutch. Furthermore, BMT Drive Solutions also takes care of the lubrication of all our concepts. We offer either passive or active lubrication. The former is based on oil splashing while the latter is based on in-house oil pump concepts that can be either electrically or mechanically actuated.


Whatever our customers’ needs in this rapidly expanding and dynamic market, we can provide a solution tailored to all of their needs. Like many people, we are convinced that the future is electric, and we are ready to take the future head on!