Excellent performances at VCST

16 February, 2021

Delivering and supplying high-quality products is a long and complicated process. During that process, one would expect to encounter challenges and difficulties. Going an entire year without customer complaints, then, is something that any company can be proud of. That is exactly what happened last year for our colleagues at VCST Romania for two of the main customers.


No complaints


Last year, VCST Romania received no complaints from 2 of the world’s foremost car manufacturers. Naturally, our Romanian colleagues are very proud of this, for two reasons. First, as both customers are among the world’s leading car manufacturers, they set some very strict quality requirements for themselves and for us. Indeed, many projects we carry out for these customers have some highly specific dimension requirements. Also, the gears and components we make for them are made following specific processes with particular requirements.


The second reason why our colleagues in Romania are so pleased with this development is because of the specific challenges we all faced in 2020. Indeed, a global health crisis saw the world come to a standstill as we found ourselves in a never before seen situation. With the health crisis came challenges for every person and business as we had to temporarily adapt to a new reality. For showing the necessary flexibility, every single member of our Romanian team deserves a warm and heartfelt thank you! In fact, the plant manager of VCST Romania had the following to say: ”The secret in winning as a team is cooperation, coordination and hard work. Since these traits are seen in each and every member, there is no doubt that our team has reached another great level of success. Congrats to all of you!”



VCST team in full uniform

Aside from this distinction, our team at VCST Romania has also contributed to VCST Belgium being recognised in DAF’s supplier recognition awards. Indeed, our Romanian colleagues make the parts that VCST Belgium delivers to DAF. As such, one could say that we dealt well with the challenges that came our way in 2020. And that togetherness and hard work is what will spur us on to continue down this path!