VCST is a Tisax pioneer

8 September, 2021

Being a reliable gear manufacturer goes far beyond ensuring the quality of our end product. It also means that our supply chain is run very smoothly and that our organisation as a whole works as efficiently as possible. For a modern, front-running company, being reliable also entails securing confidential data as strictly as possible. Recently, we have been presented with the Tisax (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) label, which ensures a good handling of confidential information.



Tisax data protection VCST

Among the first


As it stands, VCST is one of the first Belgian companies to have the Tisax label, which is required to complete the VDA Information Security Assessment (based on parts of ISO 27001). Basically, the Tisax label ensures that a company’s cyber security and handling of confidential information is up to the highest standards and follows certain policies and procedures. Consequently, the chances of a successful cyber-attack, possibly causing the supply chain to shut down for an extended period of time, are greatly reduced. Because some of our customers asked us to qualify for this label, we enrolled in the procedure to do so.


So how did we obtain this label? The last few years, more and more OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) have been requiring the Tisax label from their suppliers as an added safety measure. As soon as we got the request from one of our customers, we registered ourselves on the Tisax platform. Upon doing that we were given nine months to comply with the necessary requirements. At the end of that period, an audit was carried out by a Tisax-licensed certification body. Finally, having dealt with the final items on VDA ISA’s checklist, we were awarded the Tisax label in late August.



VCST data security Tisax

Excited for the future


Naturally, we are very proud to be among the first Belgian companies who are Tisax-certified as it shows our commitment to cyber security. Also, it is a testament of our desire to remain among the world leaders in our field. We are convinced that this label gives us an extra advantage going into the future and as such, we are very excited to meet that future head-on. Onwards and upwards!