A well-deserved reward for VCST Belgium

7 July, 2021

Since we are industry leaders, our customers set high demands for the gears we make for them. Naturally, meeting and exceeding those demands is a great source of pride for us. Recently, in our Sint-Truiden plant we went two years without a customer complaint from one of our major customers, Volkswagen. That, of course, was reason enough for a small celebration.


A collective effort


First of all, for going two full years without a single customer complaint, we would like to thank every single colleague of our Sint-Truiden plant. The gears we make for Volkswagen are key for a good functioning of a car’s engine and as such, they have to be of supreme quality. Also, a special mention goes out to our colleagues of STC, who are responsible for the heat treatment of the gears.


Working faultlessly for two full years requires a great deal of dedication, especially because of the challenging circumstances in our Belgian plant. Indeed, the covid pandemic caused problems for many companies worldwide and on top of that, our Sint-Truiden plant was forced to deal with reorganisations as well.


The reward


As a reward for our Belgian employees, we went for one of the most Belgian options conceivable: french fries. A couple of weeks ago, during lunchtime our colleagues were invited to enjoy this typically Belgian treat to celebrate their good work over the last two years. Judging by the positive feedback, the gesture was much appreciated and may be repeated in the future.

Celebrating successes such as this one and involving all our colleagues in them is something we value greatly. It’s needless to say, then, that we are very much looking forward to the next celebratory occasion!