Learning valuable lessons

6 August, 2021

Taking an internship is a great way for any young professional to gain experience and knowledge. At VCST, too, we regularly offer interns the chance to learn and share knowledge with us. As a matter of fact, we currently have an intern at our Sint-Truiden plant: Martin Lemétais is an automotive engineering student from France. For a total of five months, Martin will be with us for what is his first internship as an engineering assistant. The scope of his internship is the realisation of simulation activities in the development of the lubrication systems of transmissions for electric vehicles.

A keen interest

So why did Martin choose VCST for his internship? “I had the opportunity to apply for an internship at VCST because an offer was posted by the company on my school’s website. I decided to answer the internship offer because the main scope and the company’s activities interested me a lot.”, Martin explains. Indeed, the opportunity to learn more about fluid dynamics as well as working with CAD design software was one that really interested Martin. Apart from that, he also holds a keen interest in our business and was eager to find out more about the manufacturing process of precision-machined powertrain and brake components in the automotive sector.

Aside from those reasons, Martin is also very interested in the entire concept of electrification. According to him, the future of the automotive world will be largely dependent on technological progress in vehicle electrification. Indeed, he considers it a real privilege to be part of a company that is fully committed to that progress.


A busy schedule


On a daily basis, Martin works with a fluid mechanics simulation software with which oil flow inside various models is simulated. The goal is to evaluate the behaviour of water and oil in those models. Apart from recreating the assemblies of the models for the simulation, Martin also has to set the parameters in the software. For that, it’s very handy to know all about certain features of the software and their potential impact on the simulations. After the simulation, Martin analyses all the information and data that the software puts out after which he synthesises the info to his colleagues. “All in all, my internship is quite complete as far as my tasks are concerned. I get to develop both my technical and communication skills”, Martin explains. Indeed, his colleagues have been a great help in showing him how to transmit information effectively and teaching him about the specifics and constraints of certain projects as well as the processes commonly used in engineering design.



As far as the future is concerned, Martin is eager remain involved with VCST. After all, during his internship so far, he has been impressed by our expertise in precision-machined powertrains and brake components. Judging by the good work Martin has done for us, we are convinced that he is set for a bright future. Keep up the good work, Martin!