VCST on tour once more

15 September, 2021

On 13 and 14 October, VCST will be present at the 21st International VDI Congress Dritev in Bonn, Germany. The main focus of the congress will be to shed light on the various questions that many people still face surrounding electrified drivetrains. With many companies pursuing different strategies, we are excited to share our vision and our solutions. After all, we already have some experience in electrified drivetrains.


The perfect place to share knowledge

The VDI congress counts as one of the largest automobile congresses in the world. Indeed, every year, around 1.300 experts gather in Bonn to share their ideas on the most recent developments in drivetrains and transmissions. Aside from sharing new insights, the congress is also a perfect occasion to catch up with fellow experts, find new partners and develop new business relationships.




VCST in the spotlight

Various presentations from e-mobility experts will be held during the two days we are there. This year, we are proud to announce that we too will have two speakers during the event. On 14 October from 8:30 to 9:00 VCST’s electric drive development manager Gilles Herbillon will present his paper titled: “Shifting Performances Validation of a dog clutch for multi-speed eDrives”. Later that day from 15:15 to 15:45, Pranav Barve will share insights on the subject “Gear Design Challenges of 2-speed-AMT High Torque E-Drives”.


As this is an international event uniting many experts and potential customers, we are very much looking forward to being present in Bonn. Also, after a long and challenging period during which face-to-face encounters were not possible, we are pleased to be able to meet with our friends and customers once again. Finally, we are very proud that two of our people will be addressing people during the experts’ presentations.


Want to know more about our product and future projects? Then we are happy to welcome you at booth 52, where we will also be showcasing our new EDU. See you in Bonn!