VCST Mexico is ‘Supplier of the Year 2022’

5 April, 2023

For the second year in a row, VCST Mexico has been named ‘Supplier of the Year’. The recognition comes from one of our esteemed Tier One transmission manufacturers.


The award is granted based on a team evaluation, including Supplier Scorecards, which indicated an excellent performance on VCST Mexico’s side. We were particularly recognized for our step pinions as part of our customer’s Primary & Secondary Drive Units production for two popular electric vehicles.

Thanks to innovative use of new process technologies, we were able to offer a simpler production strategy, resulting in a one-piece construction of our stepped pinion, instead of a two-piece assembly. Furthermore, the new production strategy eliminated further complications, increased reliability, durability and proved more cost-effective for our customer.

Thank you

Congratulations VCST Mexico for your continuous efforts in making this project a big success! This successive recognition is truly rewarding. We look forward to our continued partnership with this Tier One manufacturer and other future challenges in manufacturing for the Electric Vehicle market.