VCST Changzhou earns “Best Quality Award”

15 December, 2019

Our VCST Changzhou (CZ) team is honored to receive the ‘Best Quality Award’ from our highly respected customer Great Wall Motor (GWM). We want to thank GWM for considering us and standing by us in this collaboration.


Our team is proud to announce that GWM is satisfied about various aspects of our collaboration. Firstly, we relentlessly apply the IATF16949[1] requirements, together with focusing on Customer Specific Requirements, Risk Management and Continuous Improvement. By doing this, we assure qualitative products fitting the customer’s needs. In order to fit the customers’ needs as good as possible, we always guarantee extraordinary Customer Service with an emphasis on quick response to the customer. In case of a notification or complaint, our team will do its uttermost best to arrive within 24 hours (even over a distance of more than 1.000 km). On-site support is very important for us, we want that our customers know they can count on us. A good example of our extraordinary support happened at the beginning of 2018 where our CZ Quality team took the initiative of arranging a visit to GWM for an annual report. GWM was very pleased with this initiative and GWM Quality Director Mr. Ping Lei said: “VCST is the only supplier who actively reports annual performances to GWM. We really appreciate VCST’s quality awareness”.


Secondly, our VCST CZ team has an extensive understanding of GWM’s Customer Specific Requirements (CSR). We combined GWM’s CSR into our VCST system, in order to be even more prepared. Thanks to this decision, we were able to submit the Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) package that was the only one, which was not returned for an update. This was highly praised by GWM SQE[2]. This, among many other things, shows that we are a reliable partner. According to the GWM portal, VCST CZ was considered Level 1 in the 12 most recent months and we keep on being Top 1 for the last 10 months. During the communication with GWM, we always presented professional reports and we covered all GWM’s concerns. This was highly appreciated by GWM, but our VCST CZ team couldn’t have done this without the strong workforce and the excellent teamwork.


The ‘Best Quality Award’ does not only belong to our CZ Quality team, but belongs to everyone who made a contribution to quality. This motivates our team to strive for the ‘Quality Strategy of zero PPM[3]’.



[1] IATF16949 is a technical specification, aimed at the development of a quality management system that provides for continual improvement, emphasizing defect prevention and the reduction of variation and waste in het automotive industry supply chain

[2] Safety, Quality & Environmental

[3] Parts Per Million

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