Alba Best Business Award

15 January, 2020

VCST Alba in Romania wins Alba Best of Business Award for the 6th time


BMT Drive Solutions is proud to announce that its Romanian VCST-plant in Alba, has been rewarded with the Alba Best Business Award in the automotive industry.
Since 2014, VCST Alba has won this award, issued by the President of the Alba County Council, for six consecutive years.


The award is granted based on several criteria, the first being the major investments VCST Alba has done over the years.
Consequently, there were also new working places created, which was the second criterion. Since 2012, the company has grown, in average with more than 20% yearly, now leading to a total workforce of over 350 employees. In a geographical area where mainly well-respected German car constructors have production facilities, it is important to stand out as employer, to attract the best co-workers. Therefore VCST Alba has put tremendous effort into employer branding.
The third criterion for the Alba Best Business Award being best employer, VCST Alba is very visible in the region and known as one of the best employers. The benefits are first class and highly appreciated by the employees, and the secure and safe working conditions stand out.
The fourth criterion is being an important exporter bringing foreign capital into the county. As BMT Drive Solutions consistently invests in its production facilities, VCST Alba has also benefited from these investments, and thus attracted foreign capital to the region.


And it is not only the Alba County Council who has appreciated these efforts from VCST Alba. In November 2019, the Commerce and Industry Chamber of Alba County also rewarded the plant because of its financial and economical results in the automotive industry in 2018.


Next to that, VCST Alba had also been listed by as:
– Top Business – machinery production in Alba county
Top Profit – machinery production in Alba Iulia
– The biggest company in Alba Iulia in the production of machinery and equipment.
– Second place in Top Business –All big companies from Alba Iulia


This wide range of awards and recognitions demonstrates the appreciation of the economic community for the efforts VCST Alba makes toward employees, investment and technical leadership.


BMT Drive Solutions wishes to thank all employees in Alba for their continuous efforts!

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