A year without customer complaints

8 November, 2021

In a year of stress due to Covid-19, we at VCST do not want to be an extra stressor for our clients. That is why we are determined to live up to the goals we set with our customer quality strategy.


Quality first


In a business where quality is the norm and customers are demanding (and rightly so), it is not always easy to achieve a year without any bumps on the road regarding customer care. Hence why we are extremely proud to be able to say that in the last year, the VCST Alba team has achieved a milestone of 0 PPM towards our valued customers. Specifically leading light and heavy-duty vehicle OEM’s! Some projects even achieved a 20-month period of 0 PPM!


PPM is used in the automotive industry to measure the quality performance from suppliers. Usually, 1 PPM means 1 defective unit within 1 million parts produced. 0 PPM means that we have no defective units at all in a full year of manufacturing.

To have and to hold


Zero defects also mean being responsive and having the appropriate tools to make the necessary adjustments in the manufacturing process. Addressing defects through greater control of manufacturing processes ensure optimal use of resources while improving customer satisfaction.


This result is rewarding for our team and shows we value the relationship with customers more than anything. We work hard to make sure they are given the best service possible.


The results of the efforts made by VCST Alba employees in these last 18 months of uncertainty and balancing on moving sands, are above expectations.
The pandemic generated by the SARS CoV-2 virus forced us to use the virtual environment to communicate with colleagues, but we thought it was time to see each other face to face.


So, in week 41, we had several meetings, with several groups, especially not to omit anyone and respecting the rules of distance, to thank them directly for their involvement, loyalty, and professionalism.


We know that the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022 will be at least as interesting, if not more challenging, but with teamwork and trust in each other, we will succeed! Stronger together!


We are extremely proud of the Alba Iulia Team. Congratulations!




0PPM meeting