The road to zero PPM

1 February, 2024

Embarking on the road to Zero PPM (Parts per Million) performance is no simple feat. It entails consistently manufacturing high-quality products that meet our customers' stringent requirements over an extended period.

PPM is used in the automotive industry to measure the quality performance from suppliers. Usually, 1 PPM means 1 defective unit within 1 million parts produced. 0 PPM means that we have no defective units, delivered to customers, at all in a full year of manufacturing.

Zero defects in our delivered products over a year signify our commitment to excellence. This pursuit is particularly challenging in the automotive industry, where the standards are exacting and unforgiving.

0PPM for Audi

Project Aubalas

Among the multitude of projects in VCST, one that stands out is the Aubalas project for Audi. This project focuses on the production of ASM gear that end up in the Audi S5, among others. Below you see where our part is situated in the drive train, indicated in red.

In red: Location of our ASM gear in the valvelift system of the Audi S5

Project EA888

Another project for Audi that reached the 0PPM status in 2023, is project EA888 for Audi. Here, we manufacture idler gears for drivetrain solutions that end up in multiple Audi vehicles. Below you can see where our idler gears are situated.

In red: our idler gears for the Audi EA888 project

The eventual milestone of 0PPM in these projects showcases our dedication to excellence and commitment to supply only the highest quality of products. This road that led to this milestone was paved with challenges (optimizing designs, identifying the most efficient manufacturing processes, rigorous testing, …) that took focus, ingenuity and teamwork both within VCST and with the customer. Therefore, 0PPM in 2023 is a testament for years of hard work and dedication. These numbers are the direct result of the tight collaboration across multiple teams in VCST, as the VCST Belgium plant and Romania plant successfully put their heads together in these projects.

A Premium Manufacturer

With results like these, there's no doubt that VCST stands as a premier manufacturer in the automotive industry. We pride ourselves on delivering high-precision products to a difficult market, showcasing our unwavering commitment to quality and excellence.

This achievement for Audi does not stand alone, as VCST has reached similar stellar results in the past for other projects, like the 0PPM for Ford in 2021, 2022 and 2023.