The future is electric

26 August, 2020

Only 10 years ago, electric vehicles still seemed to belong to a distant future. In those 10 years however, technology has leapt forward and electric vehicles are becoming more and more commonplace. It is therefore rewarding to look into and contribute to electrification, especially for us as a manufacturer of top-quality automotive parts. After all, we are convinced of the growing need to invest in electrification. At the same time, we are very aware of the contribution we can make to this growing trend.


Act now


Let’s be honest, 2020 will not likely be remembered as one the best years ever. A pandemic has forced us to temporarily change our ways of life. Nevertheless, we are also still facing different issues. Indeed, with every passing year we are confronted with the effects of global warming as temperatures are on the rise and climates are changing. However, by working together and taking effective action, we can still find ways to combat these issues. One of the big ways to reduce our CO2 emissions is to switch towards (partly) electric vehicles as they emit fewer or no greenhouse gasses.


What’s our role?


As a valuable partner to our clients, we also have an important role to play in helping electrification gain more traction. We, too, are looking to the future by developing and implementing new processes such as skiving and power honing. Through these processes, we create high-quality parts for electric vehicles as a Tier-2 supplier. We do all this while remaining flexible and adapting our ways of working to suit our customers’ needs.



Gears used in EV transmission

Helping the electrification revolution


As in 100% electric vehicles a lot of complexity has shifted from powertrain to the energy storage system, the battery, our position as a gear supplier for IC engines and transmissions has fundamentally changed. Therefore, we also looked into the possibility of supplying complete transmissions for EVs. After intensive market screening, we decided to team up with an external party in order to gain speed (time-to-market) and know-how. Together with integrating our expertise as a manufacturer of top-quality gears and stimulating the synergies within BMT Drive Solutions group (IGW is the leading supplier of rail transmissions), we are convinced we can play a role in an electrified automotive world.

That’s why we have joined our forces in a dedicated team, called “MinErva”, with the “E” of electric and referring to the Roman goddess of wisdom as well as the former Belgian luxury automobile manufacturer in the early 20th century.