Cooperation across plants at VCST

7 August, 2020

A while ago, we discussed the exciting Project Edison that will be handled at our VCST plant in Mexico. As this is the first electrification project for our Mexican colleagues, they welcomed input and advice from our other plants where electrification projects have already taken place. In order to ensure a smooth handling of the project, an operator from Mexico, Manuel Ramirez, came to our plant in Sint-Truiden to learn about skiving. It should be noted that Manuel’s experience took place before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Any formations between plants are currently happening online although we are of course very excited to meet with each other face to face once the global situation allows for it again.


A new technique


Skiving is a way to hob and grind gears so that they can handle the increased speed at which they have to operate in hybrid or full-electric vehicles. Also, because transmission designs in electric vehicles are designed in a more compact way, skiving is a better option. For Manuel and his colleagues, this is an all new experience and technique. They are, however, very excited to take on these new challenges. Also, it’s needless to say that Manuel is very flattered that he was chosen to go abroad and be the first of his colleagues to learn about this new technique. That being said, this is not his first trip abroad for work. A few years ago, he visited our colleagues in Germany for a different project.

An insightful stay


Manuel spent 2 months in Belgium with his colleagues of VCST Sint-Truiden. During these two months, he received training from his colleagues to learn about skiving and to operate the new machinery. During his time here, he was assisted by both engineers and operators who provided him with great support as well. Aside from learning a lot about the technique and the machines he will operating in Mexico, he also got to grips better with Project Edison.


Thinking back of the people he met during his stay in Belgium, Manuel starts to smile. He recalls how his colleagues were always willing to help whenever he had doubts or questions. Indeed, the great sense of team spirit is something we value highly at VCST and BMT Drive Solutions. As far as Belgium is concerned, Manuel fondly recalls how everyone was very friendly and how much he appreciated the country.

Now that he is back in Mexico, Manuel is eagerly awaiting the arrival of the skiving machines which will truly kick off Project Edison. In the meantime, he is also training operators in Mexico, who are all excited to embark on this new adventure.