And the gold goes to… VCST Mexico!

10 June, 2020

At VCST, we pride ourselves on the quality of the gears we make. When our clients come to us, they know that they can expect us to deliver exactly what they are asking. It’s also very rewarding, then, to see that our clients recognise the effort and dedication we put into our work. This was also the case for Caterpillar and our plant in Mexico, which in April of this year obtained a golden certification in Caterpillar’s yearly Supplier Quality Excellence Process (SQEP) for the fourth time in a row.


Dedication and hard work


Even though our Mexican colleagues have won the golden distinction in the SQEP’s four years in a row, it still provides quite the buzz. Everyone involved in the Caterpillar project was obviously very proud of their work, from the operators to the management. After all, winning the distinction once provides us with the motivation of going all out the next year and winning it again. Also, it creates a healthy form of competition among our colleagues as each department attempts to match the good performances of their colleagues.


The continuous drive and search for excellence leads us to believe that we stand a good chance of doing very well in the SQEP’s next year as well. Naturally, this brings with it a few challenges, especially in times of a pandemic. That is why our supply chain has been focussing intensely on new and more efficient ways of working. Overall, we can confidently say that we are well prepared and ready for the challenges.



Happy customer giving review

A special relationship


Winning a golden distinction four years in a row requires our gears and services to be of prime quality. Ensuring this comes down to working well in tandem with your clients and having a good relationship with them. And that is exactly how our relationship with Caterpillar could be described. They have allowed VCST Mexico to become what we are today, being our first major partner after the 2009 financial crisis. Indeed, you could even go so far as to say that our relationship goes beyond work. Over the years, Caterpillar and VCST Mexico have even started to feel like family.