VCST scores award at the first annual BMT Micro Awards

15 December, 2022

The winners of the first annual Micro Awards are known. The awards are organized by the BMT Group and are meant to thank employees who have established themselves as a real BMT’er by carrying out their daily tasks in a way that perfectly represents the DNA of the BMT Group. Nominees are selected by each BMT plant. The eventual winners are decided by the BMT Group on a corporate level. The decision is based on the motivation for the nomination submitted by the plant.

Awards are granted in the following five categories

Real doer, Most creative person, Proudly obsessed, Open to everything, Boldly go where no one has gone before.

Discover what the different categories entail on the BMT career page.

Proud of the VCST team

With the Micro Awards, 5 employees can be granted an award in 5 categories. If you keep in mind that only 5 out of in about 5.500 people are granted an award, it’s a big honor to be nominated and/or win an award.

We’re thrilled to announce that one of the first Micro Awards is granted to a VCST employee, as it represents the the passion and drive the team brings to the work floor every day.

And the winner is…

Most Creative – Orlando de Jesus Miranda Armenia (VCST Mexico)

Orlando is a real problem solver. With innovative and creative ideas, he develops technical machining solutions, resolves bottlenecks and improves the general production flow. A good example to demonstrate creative way of thinking, is the project he led that was recognized with the 2021 BMT – VCST Innovation award. Congratulations for another great achievement, Orlando!