VCST Empowers Women’s Health

5 December, 2023

VCST is proud to announce its collaboration with the "Cervical Cancer Prevention, Early Detection, Diagnosis, and Early Treatment Program". This initiative is funded by European resources and spans six counties in central Romania (Alba, Brasov, Covasna, Harghita, Mures, Sibiu). The program aims to enhance women's awareness of cervical cancer prevention and encourages regular medical check-ups.

The project aims to increase the number of women undergoing routine medical examinations. In addition, it wants to influence societal perceptions to promote positive changes in health-related habits and behaviors. Cervical cancer is a disease that can affect women of any age and stands out as one of the few cancers that can be nearly 100% preventable through early detection.

The dedicated medical team from the Emergency Clinical Hospital of Targu Mures leads this remarkable project, ensuring its success and impact on women's health in the region.

Our commitment to a healthier community

VCST fully embraces the mission of the program, recognizing the significance of preventive healthcare over treatment. We hosted a screening caravan at the Romanian plant on two occasions. The first on October 18th and the second on November 17th.

In total, 40 woman participated in the screening events at VCST. That is 30% of the total number of active employed woman employed at the plant. This active engagement underscores the effectiveness of the program.

VCST looks forward to participate in more initiatives that promote preventive healthcare. By doing this, we align with the belief that "prevention is better than treatment" (Erasmus). The success of this partnership reinforces the importance of collaborative efforts in creating a healthier and more informed community.

VCST takes pride in contributing to the success of the program. This collaboration not only reflects our commitment to employee welfare, but also underscores our dedication to make a positive impact on the broader community's health. As we move forward, VCST remains committed to supporting initiatives that prioritize preventive healthcare. We want to recognize that a healthy community is the foundation for a thriving society.