VCST celebrates Continuous Improvement Awards!

2 February, 2023

In VCST, we like to continuously improve our way of working. To achieve this, we involve the whole team to proactively think about how we can improve processes, work flows, be more cost efficient, etc.

To thank our employees for this, VCST Alba continuously commends and rewards colleagues each quarter for their extra effort in addition to their regular work tasks. This involvement extends beyond job performance, as they also seek to improve processes through Continuous Improvement and Kaizen problem solving initiatives.

What is Kaizen?

Kaizen problem solving is a Japanese management philosophy that focuses on continuous improvement of processes, products, and services. Kaizen emphasizes small changes over time that can lead to significant improvements in efficiency and quality. It encourages employees to identify opportunities for improvement and take action to improve their work environment. Kaizen initiatives are often used in conjunction with other problem-solving techniques such as brainstorming, root cause analysis, and process mapping.

Our team carries our brand

We achieve excellence at VCST because of our capable and motivated team. Because of them, we didn’t only achieve the established year-to-date target, but exceeded it as of the start of December!

Furthermore, we outlined 12 projects throughout the year. These projects had the intention of optimizing processes via Kaizen problem solving methodology. Thereby, the work of our operators becomes less complicated. We are proud to say that we finalized all 12 projects successfully!

Achievements require rewarding

We are aware of the added value all the initiatives of our team players bring. That is why we want to thank them. That gratitude is expressed in the form of the Continuous Improvement awards. These festivities were held at the end of last year in the VCST Alba plant. Furthermore, colleagues who had implemented ideas with the highest savings and submitted the most ideas were awarded during the year-end celebration.

Our colleagues were awarded in the following categories: continuous improvement, kaizen problem solving initiatives, highest savings and most ideas.

And the winners are…

The awarded colleagues for Continuous Improvement:

  1. Avram Cosmin Cornel
  2. Bercheu Angela
  3. Boc Cornelia Ionela
  4. Bolea Paul
  5. Bumbu Petru Vasile
  6. Chihaia Rodica Liliana
  7. Cimpean Marcel
  8. Dumitrache Sorin
  9. Fekete Robert
  10. Fleser Calin
  11. Gurgui Jugariu Andrei Ioan
  12. Haprian Adrian Julian
  13. Hategan Dorin
  14. Juchi Ioan
  15. Luca Ionut Alexandru
  16. Nemes Simona
  17. Nistorescu Claudiu Constantin
  18. Oprean Delia
  19. Oprean Ionel Catalin
  20. Petrescu Daniel
  21. Savu Adrian Dinu
  22. Schenker Alfred Andreas
  23. Stoica Alexandru Andrei

The awarded colleagues for Kaizen:

  1. Luca Ionut
  2. Nistrorescu Claudiu
  3. Dragan Ionut
  4. Jurj Andrei
  5. Hategan Dorin
  6. Schenker Andreas
  7. Galata Ion
  8. Stanila Alin
  9. Novacean Mihai
  10. Petruescu Vasile

The awarded colleagues for highest savings:

  1. Cimpean Marcel
  2. Luca Ionut Alexandru
  3. Bercheu Angela

The awarded colleagues for the most ideas:

  1. David Paul Nicolae
  2. Fekete Robert
  3. Schenker Alfred Andreas

We want to thank our colleagues for their involvement, effort and encourage them to remain dedicated to both CI and Kaizen processes within VCST Alba in the future.