Speed vs Torque: 2-speed EV transmissions as the solution

14 October, 2022

Electric car manufacturers have a challenging task: finding the ideal gearbox that checks the boxes regarding requirements of high-demanding and high performing applications (top speed, torque, range performances and cost).

With this in mind,VCST’s electric drive unit team has been focusing on a solution in the last years: our two-speed electric vehicle transmission family, called “Impulse”.

Our two-speed with two gear ratios offer the best of both worlds when it comes to torque and speed. In addition, they can be combined with a downsized e-machine, which results in a significant decreased cost.

Multispeed EV transmissions as the solution

VCST developed a 2-speed EV transmission family that cover the full working range between torque and top speed. The different versions of our 2-speed EV transmissions are suited for multiple vehicle categories, such as pick-up trucks, (super) sports cars, (premium) SUV's, commercial vehicles (from delivery vans to heavy-duty trucks), specialty vehicles and off-road vehicles (e.g. tractors).

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