Special focus: VCST’s patented idler gears

15 September, 2022

Today, the automotive sector is shifting to a full focus on electrification. With ambitious engineering and more and more electric cars appearing on the roads, we’re well on our way to an electric and green future. However, 2050 (the year by which the EU wants to have transport emissions 90% reduced) is a still a long way and we can’t neglect the quality and performance of our traditional cars.

While VCST is making big steps in becoming a world class supplier of electric drive solutions, we have been a world class supplier for conventional cars since decades. In that time, we have supplied a lot of excellent high-quality products and solutions for a variety of premium car manufacturers. One that stands out and we will always be proud of, is our idler gear. So much so that we patented our product!

What is an idler gear?

Idler gears are placed between a driving and a driven gear to transfer motion without change of direction or gear ratio.

Our idler gears consist of 4 parts:

  • Main gear
  • Biased gear
  • Pin

Each part has to be manufactured with high precision and be positioned with close attention to detail. This is because the idler gear is in constant contact with the crank gear and the fit gear (which are also manufactured by VCST). These three products together stand in for the distribution of the motor. This means that if there is something wrong with the idler gear, the motor will break.

Quiet drives

Ever hit the highway and all of a sudden your car sounds like a rocket ship? Well, that’s why our idler gear comes in play. In our idler gears, the biased gear is in constant contact with it’s counterpart. This makes the torque level of our biased gears extremely important for noise reduction.

If your torque is too high, rattle noise emerges. If your torque is too low, that will result in gear whine noise. Both noises are criteria on an engine level and are tested on the test rig once the engine is ready. The right torque results in a noise reduced engine.

In other words, the biased gear in our idler gears will determine if you can enjoy a quiet drive in the morning to work or go for a drive at night when you want to enjoy your beloved car.

Today, we offer three variants of our biased gears with different torques to ensure the best solution for any type of vehicle.

Position is key

As may have become clear, assembly position is key to guarantee the best results. To make sure our biased gears are positioned perfectly against the main gear, our engineers have created a special pin.

This pin is installed in a strained spring which is pushed in the biased gear. Once the idler gear is installed, the pin is pulled out, which causes the spring to place itself perfectly against the counterpart. Because of this, noise levels are reduced drastically.

Our idler gears are one example of how VCST has been an innovative world class leader in drive solutions. With many products that helped shape the landscape of the conventional automotive market, we’re excited to see how we will contribute to the electric field in the near and not-so-near future.