Quality first: VCST Reichenbach invests in state-of-the-art deburring equipment

11 April, 2023

As a manufacturer of valve blocks, VCST Germany has seen an increase in customer quality requirements over the past few years. To meet these requirements, the company has invested more than 4 million euros in new high-pressure deburring and washing equipment. This state-of-the-art equipment has been under preparation for installation at VCST's plant in Reichenbach, Germany since the end of 2022.

In order to ensure that all cleanliness and output capacity specifications are met, an extensive testing and pre-acceptance process was executed at the manufacturer's site. Next, the equipment had to be dismantled and packed. The new equipment arrived at the VCST Reichenbach plant in week 12. Currently, the machine is being set up to be operational at best capacity.

About the machine

The new equipment features a complete washing and deburring process that includes one pre-washing module, two high-pressure deburring modules, one final wash, one rinsing, and one drying module. The unit has a fully automated loading and unloading system, making it a valuable addition to the VCST Reichenbach smart factory project. The smart factory project will launch in Quarter 4 of this year.

This new equipment allows CNC controlled deburring of aluminum parts up to 500bar. This is an impressive improvement, compared to the current deburring pressure of 180 bar. This means that there will be fewer burrs and chips in the parts, which supports the zero-defect target of VCST's customers. Overall, the investment in this new equipment will enable the VCST Reichenbach plant to continue meeting the increasingly stringent quality requirements of their customers. In addition, it will also improve efficiency and reduce defects.