Moving next door: VCST moved production to Brustem

21 February, 2024

50 years is a long time. Since the 70’s, the Berlin Wall fell down, the Internet was invented, Sesame Street was broadcasted on television for the first time, ABBA won the Eurovision contest, the mobile phone was introduced, Microsoft was founded and the electrification of our vehicles came in full rise.

During all these events, and many more, our Belgian employees at VCST Sint-Truiden were housed at the same location. Until now! After 50 years, VCST moved its production lines in Belgium from Sint-Truiden to Brustem, which is a mere 3 kilometers (1.8 miles) away from its former location.

Then why move?

John C. Maxwell once said: “Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.”

That growth Maxwell is talking about, is exactly what VCST wanted to focus on. The current location was able to serve our production needs for the last 50 years. However, we have reached a point where the premises can no longer keep up with the latest evolutions, such as technological change, the increasing importance of the environment and sustainable production facilities and the growing focus on Industry 4.0.

That is why VCST decided to move its full Belgium based production to a brand new factory in Brustem.

Ready for the next 50 years

VCST is currently focusing on Smart Factory. Since we are implementing technology to improve our production processes, we needed a location that meets those needs.

Sometimes, it’s better to start from scratch! Together with our construction partners, we shaped a brand new facility that answers our wants and needs. Since we want to be production proof for definitely the foreseeable future, we didn’t hold back investing in a sustainable home for our employees and equipment.

Of course, the new plant features a new modern interior and environmentally friendly systems, such as charging stations for electric vehicles. The premises was built to function in the most efficient way possible. Some examples are the recovery of warmth in our production processes to heat the offices and the installation of a new automated cardex in the 10 meter high warehouse space. This setup was chosen for surface optimization and is just one of the many innovations that have been implemented in the new plant.

Shifting into the future

VCST's recent move speaks volumes about our commitment to staying at the forefront of the automotive world. Our fresh approach to doing business reflects our excitement for the future and our readiness to ride the waves of change in the industry. By staying agile and embracing new ideas, we are excited to tackle the challenges the challenges that lay ahead of us.