Celebrating Success: VCST Romania Shines Bright with 2023 Awards

8 January, 2024

As the new year has begun, it's nice to reflect on the remarkable achievements that have filled the journey of VCST Romania in 2023. The recognition and accolades received highlight the company's commitment to excellence and the hard work of the VCST team. Let's appreciate the awards on our shelves:

1. ListaFirme.ro: Triumph in Top Business and Top Profit

VCST Romania proudly claims the top spot in two prestigious categories according to ListaFirme.ro's 2023 rankings. The first place in 'Top Business Romania 2023 – Top for Romania Large Enterprises, Alba county,' as well as securing the 1st position in 'Top Profit Romania 2023' for the town of Alba Iulia, based on the 2022 balance sheet, reflects VCST's financial skills and operational excellence.

2. Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania: 3rd Place National Award in Industry

In the national stage, VCST Romania clinched the 3rd place in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania Awards under the 'Industry, Large Enterprises' category. This recognition is a testament to VCST's significant impact on the industrial landscape.

3. Top of Companies – Alba County Chamber of Commerce and Industry: Triple Triumph

The Alba County Chamber of Commerce and Industry showered VCST Romania with accolades. Not only did we secure the 1st place based on the economic and financial results of 2022, but we also received the 'Distinction of Excellence' and 'Trophy of Excellence' for our outstanding performance spanning the periods 2020-2022 and 2018-2022, respectively.

4. CNIPMMR – National Top of Private Companies in Romania: Remarkable Rankings

The National Council of Small and Medium Private Enterprises from Romania recognized VCST Romania's expertise on a national scale. In the category of large enterprises, VCST secured impressive positions:

  • 5th place for productivity
  • 6th place for gross profit
  • 5th place for turnover
  • 6th place for global performance

5. Best of Business – Alba County Council: Excellence Across the Board

The Alba County Council honored VCST Romania with a rich tapestry of awards. We received the 'Diploma of Excellence' for our substantial contribution to the county budget, salary benefits offered to employees, major foreign capital investments, being an important exporter with foreign capital, and our active involvement in community life.

Furthermore, VCST Romania was bestowed with the 'Trophy of Excellence' for our special collaboration and partnership in promoting the professional training, specifically the dual professional education, of young people from Alba county.

As we embark on another year filled with possibilities, these accolades serve as a source of inspiration for everyone at VCST Romania. Each award symbolizes not just success but also the dedication, innovation, and collaboration that define our corporate ethos.

Here's to a year of continued triumphs, growth, and shared success!