An engineering hub for the whole BMT Group

1 July, 2022

Nurturing our expertise is crucial in order to guarantee the quality products we provide to our customers as world leaders. Maintaining the standard of our quality products is dependent on the expertise and know-how of our employees. With engineering profiles being scarce in today’s job market, this is not always an easy task. That is why we decided to establish a centralized entity of engineers. They offer support on technological insights such as processing engineering, product engineering, technical administrative activities and quality support across the BMT Group where it is needed: The Indian Engineering Hub.

The beginning

The battle for talent didn’t start yesterday, especially when it comes to engineers. That is why IGW Oostkamp decided three years ago to launch a project to get engineers from India to the local plant in Oostkamp. The original purpose was for them to assist in the CAM programming of their gear-machines. When covid-19 entered the scene and the engineers returned to India, they provided support from there.

Where we are now

As this exercise proved to be successful, we decided to set the goal to provide this support for all our divisions in the BMT Group. Hence the creation of the Indian Engineering Hub.

In the meantime the team has grown to 14 people and is being led by Abhay Dixit.

Since the start, The Indian Engineering Hub has accomplished a multitude of varying projects:

  • Tooling design for IGW Romania
  • Supporting plant Oostkamp in the migration of QAD to Windchill
  • Product engineering work for several entities within IGW
  • Drawing and data analysis for IGW Romania
  • First steps towards quality support for VCST

Having the Indian Engineering Hub as a support system for the Group can offer all divisions the opportunity to be more flexible by having a pool of skilled engineers at their disposition. On one hand, the demand for support comes from the different plants in the group and on the other hand, methodologies, best practices and technological improvements are pitched across the group from the hub itself.

The future

As the Indian Engineering Hub has already booked multiple successes, we are excited to see what the future will bring. Next to growing the team, we are working on strengthening our internal processes and working together with the different internal customers. For this, the Indian Hub team will also visit different plants and customers in the last quarter of the year to present their capabilities and to strengthen the relationship with all divisions.

In order to have this unit function to the best of its capabilities, we are settling our engineers a brand new office that will house this entity together with the IT hub. In total, 45 people will be working from here to support different plants across the whole BMT Group.