Achieving Excellence: Celebrating the Employees of the Year 2022

11 January, 2023

Annually, VCST Alba holds a tradition: through online voting with the involvement of all employees, the Employee of the Year is nominated and chosen for each employee category (DP, NDP, white collar).

The five qualification criteria to be selected as a nominee for "Employee of the Year" entail performance according to the first 3 quarters of the current year, collaboration, communication, attitude and loyalty to the company.

For each of the three categories of employees, several colleagues were nominated. After online voting, the following colleagues came out as the winners:

Employee of the Year 2022 – Direct Productivity employees category

Ioan Berindeie – Operator in the Production Department.

Employee of the Year 2022 – Non-Direct Productivity employees category

George Cacovean – Quality Inspector in the Quality Department.

Employee of the Year 2022 – White Collar Employees category

For the white collar category, we had two winners, with the same number of votes:

  • Mircea Bucurestean – Equipment Engineer in the Engineering Department
  • Sorin Dumitrache – Shift Leader in the Production Department.

The prizes were awarded by department managers. The award ceremony took place during the year-end event.

We are very proud of our colleagues and grant wish them a lot of good luck in the new year!