10 candles for VCST Romania

24 October, 2023

This year, VCST Romania celebrated the ten-year anniversary of the plant! Because 10 years is an important milestone, the Alba based plant organized an event in spirit of celebrating 10 years of growth, learning and success.

It was a heartwarming occasion filled with wonderful and dedicated individuals, much like our exceptional employees. Celebrating this moment unites the team even more and made us realize that for the last 10 years, VCST Romania has been a place where we unite efforts to work toward a common goal.

Time flies!

It seems just like yesterday when the plant celebrated the 5 year anniversary, but yet here we already are at the start of a new chapter. Over these ten years, we've encountered a wide array of experiences, from remarkable achievements and positive results to challenges that tested our resilience, integrity, and adaptability. We've witnessed both highs and turning points, including the monumental shift in 2020, such as the global pandemic and emerging conflicts.

Throughout this journey, certain core values have defined our approach:

  • Passion: The driving force behind our work.
  • Involvement and commitment: The dedication we pour into our tasks.
  • Respect for the workplace and the results of our labor: Recognizing the significance of our contributions.
  • Respect for our colleagues: Valuing the diversity of our team.
  • Shared values: The principles we uphold together.
  • Attention to quality and customer requirements: Prioritizing excellence and meeting customer needs.

The BMT Group as an inspiration

When we embarked on this journey a decade ago, we looked to other plants within the Group for inspiration, dreaming of reaching their level of success. As famous sculptor Constantin Brâncuși once wisely said, "You have to continually aim high if you want to gain a broader perspective."

The path wasn't always without its challenges, and we often faced obstacles that felt as bracing as a mountain breeze. But with sacrifice, change and courage, we stand proudly amidst the accomplishments we see around us. These ten years have strengthened us, driven us to continual improvement, and allowed us to mature without growing old.

Celebrating this day with the team that made everything possible and seeing a positive response from them makes us excited for the next years to come. We’re already looking forward to celebrating 15 years of VCST Romania.