Electric vehicle transmissions

The electrification of cars is moving at a very quick pace. At the very least, each brand is eagerly looking into the possibilities, while many are developing new models (starting from micro-EV’s, the market is currently looking for full electric solutions for medium-duty & heavy-duty vehicles).


The vehicle price, driving range, and versatile performances remain the main hurdles to allow a mass-market acceptance of electric vehicles. BMT Drive Solutions introduces a new EV transmission that will help to improve those three critical points. First, by concentrating on a two-speed instead of a one-speed transmission. Because it’s proven that two-speed transmissions have some big advantages compared to one-speed transmission.


Namely, a 1-speed requires a compromise between torque built-up (needed when accelerating and slope climbing) and speed (required for extra-urban & highway drive) while a 2-speed ensures the car will have sufficient torque while slope climbing, but will also be able to shift towards the most economic setting for reaching top speeds. Next to that, a two-speed allows cost savings through the downsizing of the e-machine, inverter & cooling system. Finally, a one-speed doesn’t allow for a use of the e-machine in its best efficiency area. Consequently, depending on your car’s equipment and the driving conditions, your efficiency will decrease, as will your driving range. As a multi-speed allows to improve efficiency from 3 to 8%, two-speed transmission creates the most energy-efficient transmission position depending on the circumstances. As a result of this, the battery is under less pressure, which optimises the driving range.


Yet, there is more to tell about our EV transmission, it contains a unique e-shifting technology, based on a patented ‘zero-backlash’ dog clutch system. This means, fast and smooth shifting with no perceivable torque interruption. BMT drive solutions’ ev transmission is a true revolution in the field of electric vehicle transmissions. Consequently, it more than deserves the attention of every C+ car, light commercial vehicle and premium sports car manufacturer.


On top of that, a 4-speed AMT by BMT drive solutions is in full development. That way, heavy commercial vehicles will also be able to benefit from this cutting-edge technology.

2 speed amt that is used in an electric vehicle transmission

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